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Feehery: Inside DeLay’s Office

Former DeLay Communications Director John Feehery submitted an opinion piece entitled "Hammered" that ran in the Washington Post’s Sunday Outlook section describing his experience working in DeLay’s office (Feehery's spin in the piece on his time in DeLay’s office is “I didn’t do anything wrong, it was all Buckham, Rudy,

Connecting the DeLay Dots Via Questerra

A must read story in the Houston Chronicle connecting the dots on how the DeLay machine worked: utilizing former staff, hired gun Jack Abramoff, and the now defunct lobbying firm the Alexander Strategy Group.

DeLay Aide Agrees To Plead Guilty In Lobbying Scandal

Two days after Abramoff was sentenced, Tony Ruby, a former top DeLay aide, has agreed to plead guilty to fraud charges. It was widely believed that Rudy was “Staffer A” in the Abramoff plea agreement which stated that:

“on behalf of clients who wanted to stop Internet gambling and postal rate legislation, paid $50,000 in 10 equal monthly payments beginning in June 2000 to Rudy's wife while Rudy was a top aide to DeLay.”