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Ethics Chair Hefley (R-CO) supports overturning DeLay Rule

Now outgoing Chair of the Ethics Committee Joel Hefley (R-CO) just came out with the Democrats and said he'd support overturning the DeLay Rule tomorrow. Hefley just sealed his fate with the leadership, but he could have just provided the kind of cover the rest of the Shays' Handful (listed below) needed to overturn it.

Charles F Bass NH-2
Jeb Bradley NH-1
Michael N Castle DE
Elton Gallegly CA-24
J D Hayworth AZ-5
Kenny C Hulshof MO-9
Nancy L Johnson CT-5

Here's a good column

If you live in the Tampa-St. Pete area, write a letter to the editor of the Tampa Tribune and praise this column by Daniel Ruth. Among other things, Ruth writes:


There have been four developing story lines over the past week or so:

1) Sears Roebuck & Co. turning state's witness in the DeLay-related corporate fundraising investigation.

Rep. Fossella Can Run But He Can't Hide!

After calling 6 times and sending 3 emails to Rep. Fossella's (R-NY) press secretary, The New York Observer's Ben Smith (kudos, Ben!) was still unable to get an answer on how Fosella voted on the DeLay Rule. Knowing that "members of congress can't hide forever," Smith was able to track down Rep. Fossella at a breakfast forum in New York, more than two weeks after the voice vote, and Fossella finally admitted to Smith that he did in fact vote for the voice rule.