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Maybe We Chose the Wrong Career?

Bloomberg News reports today:

One of the surest paths to riches in Washington is to have these five words on a resume: "Office of Representative Tom DeLay."

National Call-In Day

The Washington Post and the New York Times unearth two new scandals this morning, one about a trip paid for by a mysterious, shady business in the Bahamas to Russia, and the other about $500,000 DeLay's campaign and political committees have forked over to his relatives. It's past time for him to resign. Republican Members of Congress should be embarrassed he's their Leader. Here's what we need to do:

Steve and Cokie Roberts Add Their Two Cents

Political commentators Steve and Cokie Roberts offer up these tidbits on DeLay, his ethical woes, and what should be done about them and DeLay:

"Thanks to his repeated refusal to play by the ethical rules, DeLay has stained the reputation of the institution he leads. And his fellow Republicans have compounded the damage by sabotaging the system for holding members accountable.

DeLay losing it at home

The Houston Chronicle conducted a Wednesday to Friday poll of 501 voters in DeLay's district. Here are the highlights:

New litmus test for GOP Representatives: Stand by your man, or else

No joke.

Support DeLay, or else.

Groups on the far right are rallying grassroots troops to support DeLay. The targets: wavering GOP members of Congress, who obstensibly are led by DeLay in the House. Do you think this will go over well with moderate GOP members of the House already worried about DeLay's scandals and what it's doing to the Republican Party?

Wow. This might be brutal, or fun, to watch.

Hot off the presses

The stories are rolling in from this morning's press conference announcing Public Campaign Action Fund's launch of ads criticizing Tom DeLay.

The Associated Press explains how Public Campaign Action Fund chose Republican targets:

Ad Campaign Launched

The "virtual" room was packed at this morning's telephone press conference announcing Public Campaign Action Fund's and Campaign for America's Future's ad launch criticizing Tom DeLay. More than 30 reporters were on the call, representing mainstream outlets such as CNN, NBC, Fox News, the Associated Press, Reuters, and the National Journal. Stay tuned for coverage.

Ads targeting three GOP members for defending DeLay unveiled

Public Campaign Action Fund is unveiling three TV ads today in a campaign to take Tom DeLay's scandals directly to members of Congress. Tom DeLay is a walking scandal, and Republicans should answer for why they continue to let him be their leader. He should resign immediately.

More reflection on WSJ editorial

The Wall Street Journal editorial below stops a hair's breadth short of calling on DeLay to step down.

Big money agenda is DeLay's agenda

With all the news focused on DeLay's use of the Terri Schiavo case as a distraction away from his scandals, it's important to get a reminder of the culture of Washington. And that's what you can find in today's Washington Post. Reporter Jim VandeHei profiles the gains business groups and interests seek from Congress, all greased with hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions.