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Black Tie and Boots celebration for Westar and DeLay

Via Jonathan Salant of Bloomberg (thanks to a loyal reader for the tip), from a story about Inaugural parties:

Houston Chronicle Runs Donnelly Op-Ed!

Today, the Houston Chronicle ran an Op-Ed submitted by fellow DailyDelay blogger David Donnelly. The piece sums up the three key turning points that caused the GOP to backtrack and reverse the DeLay Rule (Full text is below). Click here to add your name to our email list to keep abreast of breaking new on the DeLay scandal.

Houston Chronicle
Jan. 5, 2005

You Won, DeLay Blinked: Post your comments!

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Public Citizen calls on Justice to investigate DeLay/Westar connection

Here is one item worth reading more about, since DeLay has already been rebuked by the House Ethics Committee for his relationship to scandal-plagued Westar Energy:

Public Citizen called on the Justice Department to investigate the case on possible bribery charges. From the 12/29/04 release:


Sears turns state witness

The second of eight corporations indicted in the DeLay-related state fundraising scandal agreed to cooperate with the District Attorney investigation: SEARS.

Monday morning loose ends

It is early in the week to have loose ends, so I wanted to make sure I tied them all up -- there were a few news items from last week and over the weekend to note. Here goes:

Watchdogging the Ethics Process

News report thread

Any interesting news reports to clarify where they stand? Here is one report to start us off:

Jo Ann Emerson (MO). Opposed, but did not vote.

DeLay's friends from Westar are in trouble

I could have mentioned all this additonal Westar scandal in the Daily DeLay a few days back, but I thought it was just too much... But then along comes the New York Times to sum it all up.

The choice quote, from our perspective: