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Sen. Durbin's Speech In Support of Public Financing

In his speech on the floor of the Senate announcing his intention to introduce a full public financing bill, Assistant Majority Leader Richard Durbin (D-IL) asked his colleagues to think beyond initial ethics reform to a more comprehensive solution: "I hope it will only be the beginning and that we can move, even in this session of Congress, to meaningful hearings and the passage of public financing of campaigns that will truly reform the way we elect men and women to office at the Federal level and restore respect to this great institution of the U.S.

The Reform That Wasn't

David has a new article up at on the Senate's latest "reform" bill - and just how ineffective it is. Check it out here.

Two Places At Once: PA and IN Get Visits From Bush Today

A few more stories on the Bush White House’s cross country fundraising efforts on behalf of congressional candidates in tight races.