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Atlanta Journal Constitution: DeLay Needs to Go

From the AJC (reg. req'd):

In his arrogance, his unmitigated lust for the perks of power and his cavalier attitude toward standards of conduct that in his mind apply only to lesser mortals, House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas) has become an embarrassment to his party, to his supporters, to his fellow House members and to the country.

Roll Call: Blunt's staffers, Rep. Gerlach donate to DeLay's legal defense

Roll Call takes a quick looksy at Tom DeLay's legal defense fund contributors, and finds this:

Newly released reports from DeLay’s Legal Expense Trust show that the fund received contributions of at least $250 each from six Blunt staffers from Jan. 1 to March 31. In total, the trust banked $48,000 and spent $34,000 in the quarter.

A Pig is A Horse of Course

"He can call a pig a horse, and it's still a pig...It's not going to change the facts. Everyone knows he was admonished." That's what former Rep. Chris Bell (D-TX) has to say in the Houston Chronicle about DeLay's defense that an admonishment from the House Ethics Committee does not equal a "sanction."

News Round-up, Sunday, Part I

This is the first of a few posts with stories from yesterday's and today's papers and wires. There are a few interesting pieces that I'll separate into other posts.

Letter to House Leaders from former GOP Members of Congress

We're helping to distribute this powerful, strongly-worded letter to Republican leaders in the House demanding that they stop acting like they're defending Tom DeLay and restore integrity to the House.

The NYT's Shenon and Stolberg pick up the story in this morning's newspaper:

What are a Baptist deacon, a Conservative Leadership Declaration, an Onion, and the Magna Carta.

Deacon Cole Has A Potty Mouth!

Local Republican takes on DeLay back home

KHOU has the story of Patricia Baig, a DeLay-district GOP member, who is fed up with DeLay's shenanigans. Way to go, Patricia!

Registration is required, but it's free and when you do, vote in the poll:

"Should Tom DeLay resign?"

This is Your Life, Tom DeLay: Mass Transit Foe

Four years ago today, reported the Houston Chronicle, Tom DeLay denounced local environmental groups’ proposal to settle a clean air lawsuit if Houston-area officials would agree to promote mass transit and cut back on plans for new roads. At a luncheon before the Houston Club:

DeLay… said the settlement offer requires that "you will implement immediately a huge accelerated rail transit system that has nine corridors and costs at least $ 30 billion."

The paper pointed out that contrary to DeLay’s claim:

Talk about no substance...

Rich Lowry of the National Review Online whines too much. He writes up a complaint that the stories in the newspapers are not news and that the attacks against DeLay show that Democrats dont have ideas.

Sorry, I thought this was about whether Tom DeLay is fit to serve in Congress. Lowry forgets to mention a few things in his whining essay, like:

Repeated ethics violations.

Lou Dubose answers the question "How does DeLay stay in power?"

Author/journalist Lou Dubose does some of the best, most thorough reporting on Tom DeLay and DeLay Inc. This morning he has a long piece in Salon (which you can read if you have a subscription or watch a trailer to a movie to get a day pass).

Here's Lou's quick answer to why DeLay is still in power: