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How many members of Congress knew this before following him on Schiavo?

Los Angeles Times:

DeLay's Own Tragic Crossroads

by Walter F. Roche Jr. and Sam Howe Verhovek

NYT Editorial: "Tom DeLay's Cri de Coeur"

DeLay scandals on Nightline tonight, guest is Bev Carter, tune in

ABC News' Nightline will have DeLay's hometown newspaper editor, Bev Carter of the Fort Bend Star, on tonight to discuss all of his transgressions.

DeLay = Gingrich?

"The recent swirl of ethics charges surrounding Rep. DeLay plays just about the same here in Texas as it does anywhere else outside the Beltway," writes Jonathan Gurwitz in a Wall Street Journal op-ed today, says ABC.com's The Note:

Molly Ivins, on the money

I don't know how I missed this Molly Ivins column last week, but miss it I did. Even still, it's worth a read. Here are a few pitch-perfect paragraphs:

Tipping Point?

The Austin American-Statesman asks if DeLay is reaching a tipping point for the GOP... (from OfftheKuff.com)

Coincidence...maybe not.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Hance Scarborough Woodward & Weisbart LLP, the law firm that is defending TRMPAC in its civil case in Texas, also happens to be the firm of choice for former Abramoff client the Louisiana Coushattas. Partner Terry Scarborough is representing TRMPAC while former US Representative Kent Hance has taken on the Coushattas--after they dumped Abramoff and since the U.S. Senate Indian Affairs Committee launched public hearings.

Pray for Tom DeLay, and other news round-ups

Ken Bode, formerly of CNN and now a journalism professor at DePauw University, pens an oped for the Indianapolis Star that starts out with language from an urgent email alert asking recipients to pray for "Christian statesman" Tom DeLay. It's reminiscent of the statements made by Paul Weyrich of the Free Congress Foundation earlier this week that the attacks against DeLay were "spiritual warfare." The op-ed invokes the late Hunter S. Thompson at the end:

The Hill: DeLay rakes in $1.5 million for ten colleagues

This is how he tries to keep them loyal.

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas) will receive an overwhelming outpouring of support — in cold, hard cash — from his fellow GOP lawmakers at tonight’s Retain Our Majority Program (ROMP) fundraiser.

DeLay has raked in more than $1.5 million from his fellow lawmakers and will funnel that money to the 10 most vulnerable colleagues, as identified by House leadership.

Chicago Tribune focuses on scandals' impact on others

Jill Zuckman of the Chicago Tribune identifies the trouble territory for DeLay and the Republicans:

A groundswell of criticism generated by alleged ethical lapses concerning House Majority Leader Tom Delay is forcing the Texas lawmaker to seek support from GOP colleagues and is threatening to harm the Republican legislative agenda on Capitol Hill.