Tom DeLay

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Opinions on the Ethics Bill and More on DeLay

The weekend saw a raft of editorials weighing in on the ethics bill passed by the House last week. It's fair to say no one is particularly impressed.

DeLay's legal bills mount

There was lots of speculation that Tom DeLay delayed his departure from Congress and his re-election campaign in order to raise as much money as possible for his campaign and then use that money to fund his legal defense.



Abramoff and DeLay May Have New Hampshire Phone Jamming Connection

Democrats and Republicans have been going back and forth about a phone jamming scheme that GOP operatives conducted targeting a phone bank on behalf of Democratic New Hampshire Senatorial candidate Jeanne Shaheen back in 2002 (and as reported by Josh Marshall over at


Long story short, the New Hampshire GOP was guilty and there have been convictions.


Reading Between the Lines

It is a bit amusing to watch Congress scrambling to figure out how to deal with rising gas prices. Even President Bush is calling to get rid of $2 billion in tax breaks that Congress passed as part of the energy bill. Despite the braggadocio, however, nobody wants to go too far, reports The New York Times:


Feehery: Inside DeLay’s Office

Former DeLay Communications Director John Feehery submitted an opinion piece entitled "Hammered" that ran in the Washington Post’s Sunday Outlook section describing his experience working in DeLay’s office (Feehery's spin in the piece on his time in DeLay’s office is “I didn’t do anything wrong, it was all Buckham, Rudy,

Continuing DeLay aftermath

TPM Muckracker has a nice roundup of the latest flurry of news stories on DeLay, including the US News story on what DeLay's resignation means for the fight against corruption. 

It's Funny 'Cause It's True

Reversing on DeLay Rule "stupidest thing we've ever done"

Here's a little noticed passage from National Review Online. I have to say, a statement like this warms my heart:


DeLay: "Nothing worse than a woman know it all."

DeLay goes on Chris Matthews Hardball show on MSNBC, and before it airs has a back-and-forth friendly banter with the host. Good riddance. (From the Huffington Post's Harry Shearer)


Tom DeLay Ad Featured On ABC's Nightline

Last night, ABC's Nightline used the ad Public Campaign Action Fund and Campaign for America's Future produced during their piece on Tom DeLay's resignation announcement. The ad Nightline used ran this past January in Tom DeLay's district.

Click here to watch it. It's also attached to this post (see "Attachment" below).

Here are the links to the full ad:

Watch it. (MPEG - 4.46 MB)