Tom DeLay

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Abramoff and DeLay. More.

Well there's always more. I spaced on including Peter Stone's National Journal piece (no link) from last week regarding DeLay's trip to Moscow to meet with oil executives. TPMMuckraker sums it up nicely:


So put it together: DeLay's chief aide gets $250,000 paid into his front operation by Abramoff clients. Two weeks later, DeLay is having dinner in Russia with those Abramoff clients.


Read TPMMuckraker's summary here

Abramoff and DeLay. Don't believe Novak.

Over the weekend Bob Novak wrote that Tom DeLay won't be implicated by Jack Abramoff's deal with federal prosecutors:


Disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff has advised friends that he has no derogatory information about former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay and is not implicating him as part of his plea bargain with federal prosecutors.


DeLay Can't Carry Concealed Hand Gun

We should all sleep more securely tonight, I guess. (Hat tip to Juanita, via Raw Story.)


Tom DeLay Wants Court To Decide Case Quickly

Tom DeLay wants the appeals court deciding whether to reinstate conspiracy charges against him to decide the matter quickly, and no wonder—every day the case drags on means potential damage for him come the November election. That’s what his lawyer requested at a hearing on the matter yesterday—DeLay didn’t come near the court room.



TX State Payments Halted to Lobby Firm With Ties to DeLay/Abramoff

The state comptroller halted payments to Cassidy & Associates, a firm hired by the state that has ties to Tom DeLay, reports the Houston Chronicle. Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayton began an audit of the firm after the paper reported that the firm, which employs Todd Boulanger, a former partner of disgraced lobbyist Abramoff, paid $7,600 for a reception for Tom DeLay’s ARMPAC within days of receiving its first payment of $15,000 from the state.

Fundraising spouses making commission. Isn't this something that is just plain wrong?

We all have heard about Tom DeLay's wife working for his foundation and former staffer's consulting firm, and his daughter working as a fundraiser for his PACs and congressional campaigns. But this one seems to take the cake:


Ronnie Earle's Day In Court

Today is the day that Ronnie Earle goes to court to try and get some of the charges against DeLay reinstated. We'll post as soon as we hear anything. For background read today’s AP story at  ABC News.

Tom DeLay in Legal Limbo

The Houston Chronicle reports today that Tom DeLay continues to be in “legal limbo” that could damage him come the November elections. 

DeLay Legal Woes Affecting Campaign

The Houston Chronicle has a story on how  DeLay's ties to Abramoff,  Scanlon, and his own  indictments are hanging over him like a black cloud and how the scandals are affecting his campaign to retain his TX-22 seat.


DeLay's GOP Opponents Won't Endorse Him

It is usual form for party colleagues to endorse the winner of a primary--but not so in TX-22, Tom DeLay's district.