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Tom DeLay, This is Your Life!

NYT on civil trail and DeLay's warts

DeLay is in the New York Times today, too. Here are a fun few paragraphs about the criminal investigation led by Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle:

Follow the money

Why is Tom DeLay stepping out in front on Social Security privatization?

For one reason, follow the money.

$315,984 from the securities and investment industries

Acts of desperation on Social Security

This is pathetic. DeLay is going after AARP, just a year after the 35 million member organization gave the GOP a big endorsement on Bush's Medicare plan. I'm sure this is going down real well with those GOP members representing "marginal" districts that could go Democratic next time.

Bankruptcy bill in the Senate; DeLay poised to aid donors (again)

There's a bad bankruptcy bill being debated in the Senate this week. Tell your Senators you oppose it.

Today's New York Times has a new twist on it -- there is a big, gaping loophole for wealthy Americans in the bill:

If the plaintiffs in the TRMPAC civil suit win...

...they should donate the money they win in damages to the institute Ronnie Earle is setting up at the University of Texas to educate the public about corporate money in politics.

DeLay reacts to TRMPAC trial

Tom DeLay, from just past the outer fringes of reality:

DeLay, R-Sugar Land, called the lawsuit "frivolous" during a Washington news conference.

"I'm not watching it (the trial) at all," DeLay said.

DeLay says separation of church and state not in U.S. Constitution

Associated Press has the direct quote:

"I hope the Supreme Court will finally read the Constitution and see there's no such thing, or no mention, of separation of church and state in the Constitution," said DeLay, a Republican from Sugar Land.

Okay, Tom. Only if you don't count the First Amendment. Details schmetails.

Civil Trial on DeLay's TRMPAC, Day One

Day Two may be more interesting, but here is the key facts from Day One in the TRMPAC civil case, as summarized by R.G. Ratcliffe of the Houston Chronicle:

Report from the courtroom

Nathan Wilcox at has all the down and dirty from the TRMPAC trial yesterday -- it's a rough, but detailed outline of the day's arguments.