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MN's Kennedy and Kline Still Refusing to Admit How They Voted

Thanks to protestors in the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes, we still do not know where Rep. Kennedy and Rep. Kline of Minnesota stand… which is a development, sort of. (Thanks to G.P. for the post.)

The Run Around

Up-to-date vote count on DeLay Rule.

I am starting to get more reports in about letters and phone calls. Here are some emails from readers.

M.K., constituent of Rep. Jim Gerlach (R-PA):

Letter received by constitutent of Gutknecht (MN)

Up-to-date vote count on DeLay Rule. Petition Hastert to hold recorded vote.

Reader and Minnesota resident L.B. received a letter from Rep. Gil Gutknecht (R-did not vote) dated November 19th (the day after the vote) explaining his position on the DeLay Rule:

The Hill Reports on the Delay Vote Tally!

You say a conference, I say a caucus... let's call the whole thing off

A reader just posted the following comment after speaking with Rep. Rick Renzi's (R-AZ) office:

Who do you think tipped off Google?

An email I received last night:

Texas DA Criticizes the DeLay Rule

Updates below on votes on the DeLay Rule. Demand a recorded vote on DeLay Rule.

50 shouted No? Who are they? Was there a majority?

Take Action

Questions on who can vote on DeLay Rule