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Why weaken an anti-terrorism measure? Follow the money.

The Daily DeLay: T-Minus 2 Days and Counting
Did Tom DeLay Weaken an Anti-Terrorism Measure to Help Out His Donors?

[Campaign Money Watch is running a radio ad about this.]

In 2003, Congress debated and passed the Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization Act. President George W. Bush signed it into law on Dec. 12, 2003.

What a local GOP leader says about DeLay

The Daily DeLay: T-Minus 3 Days and Counting
From the Fort Bend Star

Today, the Daily DeLay simply is an excerpted column that appeared on October 20th in the Fort Bend Star, a local paper in DeLay's district. It was written by B.K. Carter, who is the owner and publisher of the newspaper and a sitting Republican precinct chair. It is perhaps the most comprehensive summary of who Tom DeLay is.

The Westar Fantasy

The Daily DeLay: T-Minus 4 Days and Counting
DeLay and the Westar Scandal: A Special Interest Fantasy

Tom DeLay and Kansas-based energy company Westar Corporation had a cozy relationship. Too cozy.

Breaking News: DeLay Goes Negative

The Daily DeLay: T-Minus 6 Days and Counting
BREAKING NEWS: DeLay Goes Negative

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay has started running negative ads against his opponent, Richard Morrison. Clearly, DeLay is in trouble. There is no other explanation.

From the House Race Hotline:


Dep't of Partisan Security: Another example of "I am the federal government."

The Daily DeLay: T-Minus 7 Days and Counting
DeLay Calls on Federal Agency to Help Track Down Political Opponents

From the New York Times on October 7, 2004:

Why did DeLay push a pro-tobacco amendment in an anti-terrorism bill?

The Daily DeLay: T-Minus 8 days and Counting
DeLay Uses 9-11 Bill to Try to Payback Big Tobacco

In October 2001, DeLay added a provision to anti-terrorism legislation that would have prevented foreign governments from recouping billions from tobacco companies in lost revenues and damages.

What tobacco companies' interests had to do with post 9-11 anti-terrorism legislation is still unclear.

The definition of "admonish" and "reality"

DeLay channels Clinton (i.e., depends on what your definition of 'is' is.) in the Galveston County Daily News:

"Look up in the dictionary what admonished means," he said. "All they did was say, 'In this realm, you ought to be careful about your future actions so that the perception, or the appearance, is in keeping with the House.'"

But it's clear he's living in some kind of different reality from what is closing in around him:

"I've been attacked. I've been threatened."

Daily DeLay T-Minus 9 Days and Counting
DeLay's Allies Threatened Ethics Chairman

Twice over seven days, the House Ethics Committee rebuked House Majority Leader Tom DeLay for three separate ethics violations.

Dave McNeely: DeLay may be in trouble

Dave McNeely's column in the Austin American-Statesman covers DeLay's troubles and our polling and advertising.

He sums up the race this way:

Morrison's race is uphill, but it's clear that DeLay is running, too, at least against the political saw that when an incumbent loses, he usually beats himself.

DeLay Unplugged

Daily DeLay, T-Minus 10 Days and Counting
In DeLay's Own Words

In order to find out who a person is, you have to listen to what they say. The Daily DeLay today provides some of Tom DeLay's statements in that spirit. If you know of other statements, or want to comment, post a comment below.