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Round up of other blogs commenting on DeLay this week

There's too much to list. But here are some of my favorites. If you want to suggest another link, post a comment or email me at ddonnelly [at] campaignmoney [dot] org.

Without commentary, priority, or endorsement of the ideas found therein, here are some postings to read:

Vulnerable at home:
Bull Moose
Off the Kuff

Taking Care Of Their Own

The Texas Observer reports that former TRMPAC Director John Colyandro has joined a nefarious group of lobbyists who continue their trade even after being indicted. Colyandro’s company includes two former chorines of former U.S. House Transportation Committee Chair Bud Shuster (R-Pa), who, according to the Observer, is "one of the few Congressmen who can match Tom DeLay’s record for ethics scandals."

Smoking Gun?

If there is a smoking gun in the civil trial with major implications for the criminal investigation (led by soon-to-be-famous Ronnie Earle), it's this description below, from tomorrow's Washington Post, of "trading money." Well, from where I sit, it looks more like "washing money."

Bankruptcy bill in the Senate; DeLay poised to aid donors (again)

There's a bad bankruptcy bill being debated in the Senate this week. Tell your Senators you oppose it.

Today's New York Times has a new twist on it -- there is a big, gaping loophole for wealthy Americans in the bill:

If the plaintiffs in the TRMPAC civil suit win...

...they should donate the money they win in damages to the institute Ronnie Earle is setting up at the University of Texas to educate the public about corporate money in politics.

Civil Trial on DeLay's TRMPAC, Day One

Day Two may be more interesting, but here is the key facts from Day One in the TRMPAC civil case, as summarized by R.G. Ratcliffe of the Houston Chronicle:

Report from the courtroom

Nathan Wilcox at has all the down and dirty from the TRMPAC trial yesterday -- it's a rough, but detailed outline of the day's arguments.

Trial begins in civil suit involving DeLay's TRMPAC

The New York Times (registration) takes a look at the story behind the story in the civil lawsuit filed by five former Texas state representatives against Tom DeLay's TRMPAC's treasurer:

A civil trial scheduled to open here on Monday involving allegations of illegal campaign contributions to Republican members of the Texas House is likely to attract almost as much attention in the halls of Congress as it will on the floor of the State Legislature.

Texas Association of Businesses President Called To Stand

After a year of delay in the Texas Supreme Court, Texas Association of Businesses President Bill Hammond will finally have to answer questions about corporate money used during the 2002 legislative elections and his relationship with TRMPAC.

Texas House Speaker Craddick Called To Testify

The Dallas Morning News reported that Texas House Speaker Tom Craddick will be called to testify next week in a civil case involving TRMPAC fundraising activities during the 2002 Texas state House races.