U.S. Attorneys

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Evidence Mounts That Firings Were Political

The uproar over the firing of eight U.S. Attorneys shows no signs of quieting down, with a House Judiciary Subcommittee now authorizing subpoenas to Bush aides (among them Karl Rove). As evidence mounts that these eight US Attorneys were fired to quell corruption investigations into Republican officials, and tilt the tables in favor of GOP election chances, Simon Rosenberg gives a compelling argument about why these eight were chosen.


First Thing We Do, Let's Fire All The Lawyers

Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez has admitted that the Department of Justice gave false information to Congress about the firings of eight US Attorneys, many involved in public corruption investigations. Emails have emerged showing extensive conversations between the White House and the Justice Department over who was let go. Turns out, White House Council Harriet Miers wanted to fire every single US Attorney - 93 in all - in 2004.