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More on the DA taking on DeLay, and a good short big picture piece in Slate

The Christian Science Monitor profiles District Attorney Ronnie Earle today, including a short vignette of Earle turning himself in for campaign finance violations. Ever hear of that before? A politician turning himself in and accepting a fine without a countersuit? The article also has an on-line poll about whether the investigation upholds democracy or is partisan.


Updates: MT Rep. Rehberg & GA Rep. Gingrey

Rep. Denny Rehberg (R-MT) did not cast a vote on the DeLay Rule, according to the Billings Gazette today. His office had initially told constituents that he would not say how he voted -- a Refuser -- but today he cleared it up.

Server trouble solved

The server hosting the new and improved vote count went down an hour ago. I apologize to those who have not been able to view it. We have moved it to our server at Public Campaign Action Fund, and it is now fully operational.


Irony just doesn’t begin to capture it

Okay, you’re Tom DeLay and you have pretty good reason to believe you’re under investigation for raising illegal corporate contributions. Three of your associates have been indicted for raising money for a state Political Action Committee modeled after your national PAC, and eight corporation have been indicted for giving the contributions. Lots of people have spilled a lot of ink on whether you will be indicted and, if so, when.

MN's Kennedy and Kline Still Refusing to Admit How They Voted

Thanks to protestors in the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes, we still do not know where Rep. Kennedy and Rep. Kline of Minnesota stand… which is a development, sort of. (Thanks to G.P. for the post.)

GOP does not want Reps convicted of felonies

Here is how the Republicans in Congress are spinning the rule change... For the first time, a member of leadership who is convicted of a felony must step down from that position.

From Rep. Chris Chocola (R-IN), via constituent E.J., from a letter dated November 23rd:

More Minnesota action

In addition to Rep. Gutknecht's (MN-Did Not Vote, but opposed) letter, Minnesota Democrats are turning up the heat on Reps. Kline and Kennedy. A reader passed along an email calling for 'Rallies for Integrity' outside their respective congressional offices tomorrow, November 30th at noon local time.

The Run Around

Up-to-date vote count on DeLay Rule.

I am starting to get more reports in about letters and phone calls. Here are some emails from readers.

M.K., constituent of Rep. Jim Gerlach (R-PA):

Letter received by constitutent of Gutknecht (MN)

Up-to-date vote count on DeLay Rule. Petition Hastert to hold recorded vote.

Reader and Minnesota resident L.B. received a letter from Rep. Gil Gutknecht (R-did not vote) dated November 19th (the day after the vote) explaining his position on the DeLay Rule:

Newspaper pick-up