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The Hill Reports on the Delay Vote Tally!

You say a conference, I say a caucus... let's call the whole thing off

A reader just posted the following comment after speaking with Rep. Rick Renzi's (R-AZ) office:

Who do you think tipped off Google?

An email I received last night:

Texas DA Criticizes the DeLay Rule

Updates below on votes on the DeLay Rule. Demand a recorded vote on DeLay Rule.

50 shouted No? Who are they? Was there a majority?

Take Action

Questions on who can vote on DeLay Rule

News report thread

Any interesting news reports to clarify where they stand? Here is one report to start us off:

Jo Ann Emerson (MO). Opposed, but did not vote.

Vote Reporting Thread

See below for update.

Still look at the lists below for updates, but use this thread for posts with confirmations about who stood where, or refuses to stand anywhere, or wants to tell everybody in writing because they are afraid to tell you now.

Suggested (helpful) format:


Votes on DeLay Rule

New, Improved Vote Count. Thanks to Wray Cummings. List last updated on 11/29/04 @ 12:07 p.m. EDT. Post any comments or corrections, and we will update periodically.

Update: I have had such good feedback on it, I have moved the reporting of how members voted to the easy-to-use webpage/database.