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Another Reporter Makes the Trek to DeLay's District

The Boston Globe's Rick Klein files a piece with a Richmond, Texas, byline today. Worth a read.

I agree with Ambassador Schechter:

Abramoff Helped eLottery Through DeLay's Office

An article in the Washington Post today outlining Abramoff's strategy and actions and how he used DeLay and his office to help defeat an internet gaming bill on behalf of his client eLottery.

Among the highlights:

*Ring* Is Your Refrigerator Running?

OK, so those aren't really the kind of anonymous calls that Samantha Levine writes up in today's Houston Chronicle, but an unknown group called "We The People" is making calls to voters in Republican congressional districts across the country.

DeLay still wielding power

The New York Times' Carl Hulse has a good analysis of DeLay's political capital under this headline:

DeLay Teaches Blunt

John B. Judis at The New Republic has a good piece on just how much Roy Blunt learned from Tom DeLay about money and politics:

"[Blunt]" owes his rise in the House to the Texas congressman. But he may also one day blame DeLay for his fall, because DeLay appears to have taught him not only how to count votes and woo lobbyists, but arguably how to play fast and loose with campaign finance ethics....

Top Ten Reasons Why DeLay is No Moby Dick

Sunday's New York Times reported that our own David Donnelly is "[p]erhaps the most famously zealous Ahab in pursuit of Mr.

Tom DeLay = Moby Dick?

I suspect Nancy will have more to say on this later, but wanted to make sure that you all saw David's star turn in yesterday's New York Times.

Beyond Tom DeLay

There is no end of verbiage about Tom DeLay in today’s editorial pages, but while most of these pieces are good at making zingers about the House Majority Leader, none are calling for major reforms that would guard against future Tom DeLays taking power. The Los Angeles Times comes closest, noting that:

David Dreier is new majority leader

Not an enviable position to be in, I don't think.

Dreier has been loyal to DeLay. Gave $5,000 to DeLay's legal defense fund, and voted with him 94.23% of the time, according to our very own DeLay Rankings.

Update on the Without DeLay petition -- close to 36,000 signers.

PCAF Statement on DeLay Indictment


Calls on DeLay to resign from Congress; Leaving leadership does not go far enough