Voter-Owned Elections

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Former Members of Congress Make the Case for Voter-Owned Elections in New York

The Buffalo News ran an op-ed yesterday by former members of Congress, Sherwood Boehlert and Amory Houghton (NY), on the need to restore ethics in Albany through Voter-Owned publicly financed elections.

New York State Legislature Rocked By Yet Another Corruption Scandal

The New York Times reports today on yet another corruption scandal in the New York state legislature. Brooklyn Sen. Carl Kruger (D), along with state Assemblyman William F. Boyland Jr. (D), and Richard Lipsky, an influential lobbyist, are expected to turn themsleves in on corruption charges today.

Gov. Cuomo to Receive Letter Urging Him to Strongly Back Publicly Financed Voter-Owned Elections

The Wall Street Journal reports that Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) will receive a letter today signed by several prominent former politicians, political donors, and clergy urging him to push for publicly financed Voter-Owned Elections for statewide and legislative campaigns in New York. Signed by the likes of former New Jersey Senator Bill Bradley and former Mayor Ed Koch, the letter calls for Gov.

Update from New York

Advocates and members of the State Assembly have begun a push to bring publicly financed Voter-Owned Elections to New York state. The proposed measure is popular with the public, as evidenced by a recent Sienna Poll that found that 70 percent of New Yorkers support publicly financed Voter-Owned Elections.

Voter-Owned For the Win

Portland, Oregon's City Council champion for public financing of elections, Eric Sten, is retiring having seen the Voter-Owned Elections program he fought hard to secure enter its second cycle with many candidates qualifying. The Willamette Week evaluates Sten's pet projects, including Voter-Owned Elections, and their staying power.

North Carolina House Passes Bill

Thanks to everyone who made calls to their legislators in support of North Carolina's public financing pilot program for Council of State races. This weekend, the state House passed the program on a vote of 59-57. From here the bill goes to the Senate. The pilot program covers the races for state auditor, superintendent of public instruction and insurance commissioner.