Voters First Pledge

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Voters First

Hey, Maine's District 1, stop hogging the Clean Elections supporters! Seriously though, we put out a statement today on the high level of support for the Voters First Pledge, and full public financing of campaigns, among congressional candidates in the district in the wake of a dust-up between two candidates -- both supportive of Clean Elections -- over campaign fundraising. Read more about what's going on here.

Pingree Signs

Two years ago as President of Common Cause Chellie Pingree was asking candidates to sign the Voters First Pledge and commit to supporting full public financing of congressional campaigns. Now, as a candidate for Congress from Maine, where Clean Elections was passed in 1996, Pingree is signing on to Public Campaign Action Fund's 2008 Voters First Pledge. We look forward to seeing many more candidates take this pledge.



Hang On, Hoyer

NPR's Marketplace did a story last night on the loophole that allows lobbyists to fund lawmaker getaways to exotic locales by calling the trip a fundraiser and funneling the lobbyist money through the lawmaker's political action committee (PAC). Of particularl interest to Marketplace are the travel plans of House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD), who campaigned last year on cleaning up corruption.


What's the Word?

With at least 20 Voters First Pledge signers coming in as freshman members of Congress, joining 73 incumbent signers and another 14 incumbents on the record in support of Clean Elections-style public financing of campaigns (and this with several races yet undecided) we are seeing a strong voter mandate for cleaning up Congress. What do you think about the election results?


Election Aftermath

Even as votes are still being counted in close races around the country, speculation on reforms to counter the high-cost, special-interest dominated election process is being offered up. Writers at both the Chicago Sun-Times and the Winston-Salem Journal cite the Voters First Pledge, its principles and signers, as showing the way forward.


Who in North Carolina Puts Voters First?

Last week Nick Nyhart, our executive director paid a visit to North Carolina to talk about the Voters First Pledge and cleaning up Congress -- today the News & Observer in Raleigh, North Carolina spotlights the pledge, including North Carolina candidates who have signed (see second section).


The Pledge in the States

Local press is taking an interest in who is signing the Voters First Pledge. The Charlotte Sun-Herald looks at Florida activists working to get candidates to sign on, and The Capital (see the second section) highlights the Maryland candidates who have pledge to put voters first.


Who has signed the pledge and is expected to win?

Below is a table of candidates for federal office who have signed the Voters First Pledge and, according to press reports, who are likely to win their elections or who are in toss-up elections. Please let us know of any mistakes or suggested additions to this list. (I should note that we understand support for these policies extends beyond those who responded to the pledge. Public Campaign Action Fund reserves the right to remove comments that advocate election or defeat of named candidates.)


Lou Dobbs on Voters First Pledge

CNN's Lou Dobbs did a great piece last night on the Voters First Pledge, as part of a segment on activists doing their part for democracy. Check out the clip on YouTube (the Voters First Pledge part is the second half).

What Makes a Candidate Competitive?

There has been a lot of national attention given to the Connecticut Senate race between Sen. Joe Lieberman, Democratic challenger Ned Lamont, and Republican challenger Arthur Schlessinger. Ken Dixon at The Connecticut Post, who highlights the signing of the Voters First Pledge by all candidates, examines the extent to which money has determined who can successfully challenge an incumbent.