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Gov. Cuomo to Receive Letter Urging Him to Strongly Back Publicly Financed Voter-Owned Elections

The Wall Street Journal reports that Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) will receive a letter today signed by several prominent former politicians, political donors, and clergy urging him to push for publicly financed Voter-Owned Elections for statewide and legislative campaigns in New York. Signed by the likes of former New Jersey Senator Bill Bradley and former Mayor Ed Koch, the letter calls for Gov.


The Wall Street Journal blog has a story today on how for the first time since 2004, Republicans, who are benefiting from staunchly opposing financial regulation legislation, are the recipients of more Wall Street campaign cash than Democrats.


"The change of allegiance comes as Congress closes in on legislation that would overhaul financial services regulations. Democrats back an aggressive bill that has been so far blocked in the Senate by Republicans."