Wall Street

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The "Big Four" Banks Have Spent More Than $170 Million Since 2000 Influencing Politicians

A Huffington Post story today details the huge amount of campaign cash and lobbying expenses that have been doled out by the "Big Four" banks since 2000. The CEO's of the banks are appearing before the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission today to discuss the financial industry collapse.


Larry Summers' Speaking Fees Targeted by Watchdogs

David Donnelly, director of Campaign Money Watch, discusses what would appear to be a conflict of interest for Larry Summers, the director of the National Economic Council, who continues to accept large speaking fees from bailed out banks.

"Most of the companies paying Summers' speaking fees are found at top the list of contributors to politicians from both parties, leaving voters to wonder if there is anyone left who isn't in Wall Street's pocket."

Big Money Mitch, Credit Cards, and Banking

Amid a deepening financial crisis, Americans have seen Wall Street get a bailout while they continue to struggle financially with high mortgage payments and mounting credit card debt. Kentucky, as of the fourth quarter of 2007, had the seventh-highest bankruptcy rate in the nation and had seen the rate of personal bankruptcies rise 85.4 percent since the first quarter of 2006.[1]  As of August, mortgage foreclosures in the state were up 37 percent over a year prior.[2]

Boehner Backs Wall Street Donors in Pension Bill

Take one House majority leader, add more than $870,000 in campaign contributions from the securities and investment industry, and what kind of pension reform legislation do you get?