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Too Washington

Today in the Huffington Post, Public Campaign President & CEO, Nick Nyhart, discusses how last night's election result in Massachusetts was a referendum on politics in a Washington that places the interests of Wall Street titans and corporate executives ahead of the interests of ordinary Americans.


Seattle Waits for '09

Looks like Seattle is going to wait a year before asking voters to approve a ballot measure to create a full public financing program for city council elections. A citizen's commission was formed to give a recommendation to the council on how to proceed in light of the passage of law giving municipalities the option to pursue Clean Elections-style public financing systems for their elections.

Chance to Run

Bob Ferguson, a King County Councilmember in Washington reflects on his first run for office, the money he needed to fund it, and the reason he supports a move towards full public financing of election in his county in this op-ed for the Seattle Times.

Which Washington For You?

Trent Lott is not alone in cashing in his Senate office chips for a seat at the lobbyist's high rollers table. As Joel Connelly of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer notes in this column on the other Washington, many a lawmaker has heard the siren song of power and profit margins calling them away from public duty and accountability.

The recent lobbying overhaul bill which aims to break up the tight-clutch slow dance between Congress and corporate lobbyists has decades worth of growing lobbyist influence to overcome:

Pinpointing the Problem

An article in The Seattle Times on earmarks for defense spending and its correlation to campaign contributions received by Washington legislators has touched a nerve for readers and sparked this point/counterpoint in the letters to the editor section about the need to address this problem via full public financing of campaigns.

Letters, Letters Everywhere

Your letters to the editor continue to be published in newspapers across the country, today I saw two more excellent submissions: one courtesty of Mark Hruby in Minnesota's St. Cloud Times, and one by Richard Rawlings in Washington state's The Olympian (fourth down).

Pilot Project in Washington

David Postman at The Seattle Times is reporting that Governor Christine Gregoire has proposed a public financing pilot project for statewide judicial elections modeled on the public financing systems in place in North Carolina, Arizona, and Maine.