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New Ad Campaign to Benefit Scott Walker Has Corporate Ties

The Republican Governor’s Association has launched a television advertising campaign to defend Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker in his political fight to defund and dismantle public employee unions and to take away their bargaining rights. The advertising comes as a brand new New York Times/CBS News poll shows a majority of American voters oppose any weakening of these rights by nearly two to one.

Why We're Standing with Wisconsin Workers

Over the past two weeks we’ve watched, as I’m sure you have, as everyday workers in Wisconsin have stood up to efforts by Gov. Walker and his special interest backers to take away their collecting bargaining rights. Of course, this isn’t just about unions or Wisconsin—it’s about whether corporate special interests and their allies in elected office will succeed, in state after state, in their efforts to dismantle, damage, and defund their political opponents. And that’s why we’re fighting alongside the workers of Wisconsin.

Did Scott Walker break the law?

Today, Public Campaign Action Fund sent letters to both the Dane County (WI) District Attorney’s office and the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board urging them to look into whether Gov. Scott Walker broke the law during his conversation with who he assumed was billionaire donor David Koch earlier this week.

Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Speaks on Public Financing

WisPolitics.com interviewed Wisconsin Lt. Governor Barbara Lawton on the state of Wisconsin politics and her future ambitions for office. Excerpted here is the section that focuses on her support for full public financing of campaigns in the model of Arizona, Maine, and Connecticut and her work with the Governor towards reforming the state's campaign finance laws.

Well, Wisconsin?

Ed Garvey, writing for Wisconsin's Capital Times, urges Governor Jim Doyle to back public financing of campaigns and take special interest money's bite out of state politics. Dismissing and discrediting the arguments against a Clean Elections model, Garvey makes his case for putting elections back in the hands of people.