We have a problem, Houston: Daily DeLay T-Minus 14 days and counting

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Daily DeLay T-Minus 14 Days and Counting
DeLay strong-armed PACs and special interest lobbyists

“If you want to play in our revolution, you have to live by our rules,” DeLay tells lobbyists. He has two lists of the 400 largest PACs, those who he deems friendly and those he deems unfriendly. “We’re just following the old adage of punish your enemies and reward your friends,” DeLay says.

He once told Congress Daily, “Money is not the root of all evil in politics. In fact, money is the lifeblood of politics.”

Clearly, money is Tom Delay’s lifeblood.

Note: Every day over the next two weeks, the Daily DeLay will release a new example of Tom DeLay's pay-to-play politics, ethics violations, strong arm tactics, and all-around anti-democractic and pro-special interests fervor. This is the first installment.

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