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I received the following:

An Open Letter to your campaign & supporters:

As someone who lives in Delay's district, let me tell you and all others who you wish to share these thoughts with: Thank you.

1. I've seen Delay hurt this country from his "strong-hold" for too long & really appreciate your efforts in taking him on.

It was great to see him sweat!

2. It did make a difference! I saw that man run around the country raising money for other Republican candidates. This time he had to stay home & fight.

That helped our candidates win elsewhere -- Waco comes to mind.

3. Hurting him in his county will hurt him in the party -- & that will make his ability to push extreme policies more difficult.

The next extremist bill or judge that doesn't get passed b/c Delay wasn't able to Hammer down good colleagues -- remember that it was your efforts that made it possible!

4. Realistically, we really weren't going to win this time -- there was no major candidate before, no history. What we were doing was setting up the next run -- & I think we have a good chance then!

Thank you guys for coming out of nowhere to make my life & many others in this district better. Thank you to all your contributors.

You did make a difference! Remember that!

Ya'll go take a vacation -- you earned it & frankly some of you people look like you need it! :-)

We'll see you guys when you get back.