Votes on DeLay Rule

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New, Improved Vote Count. Thanks to Wray Cummings. List last updated on 11/29/04 @ 12:07 p.m. EDT. Post any comments or corrections, and we will update periodically.

Update: I have had such good feedback on it, I have moved the reporting of how members voted to the easy-to-use webpage/database.

Tell Speaker Hastert to schedule a record vote on the DeLay Rule when the 109th Congress convenes.

Thanks to Josh Marshall, his readers, and others for updates. Keep them coming. The numbers next to the names are how much money they received from DeLay and his ARMPAC, courtesy of Campaign for America's Future.

Disclaimer: I have done my best to use multiple sources in compiling and categorizing what follows. If you are a Member of Congress, or work for one, and you are concerned about the accuracy of what is posted here, you are strongly encouraged to contact Speaker Hastert to ask for a recorded vote. It is that simple.