News report thread

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Any interesting news reports to clarify where they stand? Here is one report to start us off:

Jo Ann Emerson (MO). Opposed, but did not vote.
Southeast Missourian: "Emerson was out of the room when the vote was taken. The Southeast Missouri congresswoman said several lawmakers were out of the room when the party leadership suddenly called for a voice vote on the issue."

Update: Three Blind New Jersey Mice. See how they run.

LoBiondo, Garrett, and Saxton were all outed by the Asbury Park Press. I have updated below. They were listed as Letter-Writers.

Update: A reader just emailed me this (thanks!), which I had not gotten to yet -- David Brooks in the New York Times. Read it. Here is a choice excerpt, among many:

Finally, House Republicans did not rise up to denounce DeLay because while they know he represents some of the political tendencies they came to Washington to reform, none of them is pure enough to cast the first stone. They've all voted for the big deficits they vowed to combat. They've all watched the walls between the public servants and the private lobbyists get washed away.

If Republicans are going to recover the reformist spirit, they're going to have to do more than lessen the influence of Tom DeLay.

But let's face it, the problem starts there. Tom DeLay is a scandal waiting to happen. He casts himself as the enemy of Washington, but he's really a conventional (if effective) pol who wants to use dollars to entrench power. He represents the greatest danger the Republicans face, bossism. He wants to be the G.O.P.'s Boss Tweed.

This is what we have unleashed this week. Keep it up.