GOP does not want Reps convicted of felonies

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Here is how the Republicans in Congress are spinning the rule change... For the first time, a member of leadership who is convicted of a felony must step down from that position.

From Rep. Chris Chocola (R-IN), via constituent E.J., from a letter dated November 23rd:

The new Conference rule states that any Republican Member of Congress convicted of a felony must immediately relinquish their leadership post.

(Note: I read the Chocola letter in its entirety several times. No mention of whether he voted for, against, or did not cast a vote. So, if he is a Letter-Writer, and now has written the letter but still has not answered the question, should we put him down as a Refuser? Yup, afraid so, Rep. Chocola. And you earned it yourself. Maybe it has something to do with only getting 54% of the vote?)

And from Jerry Lewis (R-CA), who is now outed as a Yes on the DeLay Rule, via the comments:

One of those rules, proposed by Congressman Henry Bonilla of Texas, will require for the first time that any Republican congressional leader or committee chairman who is convicted of a felony must immediately step down from their post.

Okay, now that we have cleared up whether the GOP wants convicted felons in position of leadership, does anyone think that a member of congressional leadership indicted by a grand jury should, just maybe, leave his or her leadership post temporarily?

Keep the reports coming.