Ethics Chair Hefley (R-CO) supports overturning DeLay Rule

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Now outgoing Chair of the Ethics Committee Joel Hefley (R-CO) just came out with the Democrats and said he'd support overturning the DeLay Rule tomorrow. Hefley just sealed his fate with the leadership, but he could have just provided the kind of cover the rest of the Shays' Handful (listed below) needed to overturn it.

Charles F Bass NH-2
Jeb Bradley NH-1
Michael N Castle DE
Elton Gallegly CA-24
J D Hayworth AZ-5
Kenny C Hulshof MO-9
Nancy L Johnson CT-5
Mark Steven Kirk IL-10
Ray LaHood IL-18
Steven C LaTourette OH-14
Tom Latham IA-4
James A Leach IA-2
Jim Nussle IA-1
Todd Russell Platts PA-19
Jim Ramstad MN-3
Paul Ryan WI-1
Christopher Shays CT-4
Rob Simmons CT-2
Pat Tiberi OH-12
Zach Wamp TN-3
Heather Wilson NM-1
Frank R Wolf VA-10

Let's see if these members stand up on a roll call, and if the others who were vocal about their opposition, even though they weren't there to cast a vote (like Gutknecht from MN) will join the Dems. Any guesses of Dems who cross? Gotta doubt that, but who knows?