Here's a good column

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If you live in the Tampa-St. Pete area, write a letter to the editor of the Tampa Tribune and praise this column by Daniel Ruth. Among other things, Ruth writes:

For determining DeLay, the Palmetto Bug of the Beltway, was an ethically challenged schmo, not only will Hefley probably lose his post but the ethics committee also will be effectively gelded from doing its work - all to protect the keister of one House member.

Uh, doesn't changing the House rules to save DeLay's oily hold on power perversely suggest this twerp may be the Chemical Ali of campaign contribution?

As well, if you are going to start punishing people serving on an ethics committee for finding ethical fault with House members who commit - ALTOGETHER NOW! - ethics violations, well, what's the point of maintaining the charade that anyone in power in the House cares about ethics?

How do you really feel, Mr. Ruth?