Is there a link between DeLay and the Talon News scandal?

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Former White House correspondent and "reporter" Jeff Gannon (A.K.A. James Guckert) is on the hot seat along with his former "employer" Talon News. His boss at Talon News, Editor in Chief Robert R. Eberle (A.K.A. Bobby Eberle), also happens to be the CEO and President of Talon's parent organization Eberle also lives and works in Houston, TX--a stone's throw from Sugarland, TX. See where we're going?

We're looking for help in finding any connection between Tom DeLay and Robert R. Eberle (remember that you may also know him as "Bobby Eberle"). We're also looking for any relationship between DeLay and or Talon News.

It's hard to imagine that Houston-based, who's mission is to spread the conservative message throughout America, has no relationship with DeLay. Anyone know of any? Post your comments below...