News on DeLay is everywhere

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The Daily DeLay will try to be your one-stop shopping for news on Tom DeLay.

There's a lot of it. If we've missed something, post a comment with the URL. But with the volume of stories, some of our news posts will have fewer quotes and a lot little less analysis...

To get everyone up to speed, here are some links:

TIME magazine -- exposes relationship between DeLay and former aide, now power-broker Ed Beckham

Newsweek -- Breaking news that the FBI is investigating money that was contributed to the think tank that may have funded DeLay's trip to England and Scotland

NY Times (Sunday) -- DeLay is continuing to rake in money from corporate interests and members of Congress for his legal defense fund

LA Times -- Chuck Neubauer follows up his reporting last week about who funded DeLay's golf trip to Scotland

Washington Post (Saturday) -- Gambling interests funded DeLay's travel

Houston Chronicle -- DeLay's hometown paper does a wrap up of all his troubles