Bush backs DeLay

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It's incredible that he's even being asked. From Congress Daily:


Bush Lends DeLaySupport; Hastert Defends Rules Changes

President Bush today expressed his support for House Majority Leader DeLay amid a recent barrage of news stories concerning allegations of ethical misbehavior, while House Speaker Hastert defended a series of rules changes that critics say were intended to shield DeLay. During a White House news conference, Bush appeared to express an unequivocal endorsement of DeLay, clearly indicating he expects the majority leader to stay in power. "I have confidence in Tom DeLay's leadership, and I have confidence in Tom DeLay," he said. "We've worked closely with Tom DeLay and the leaders in the House to get a lot done during the last four years, and I'm looking forward to working with him to get a lot done during the next four years."