New litmus test for GOP Representatives: Stand by your man, or else

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No joke.

Support DeLay, or else.

Groups on the far right are rallying grassroots troops to support DeLay. The targets: wavering GOP members of Congress, who obstensibly are led by DeLay in the House. Do you think this will go over well with moderate GOP members of the House already worried about DeLay's scandals and what it's doing to the Republican Party?

Wow. This might be brutal, or fun, to watch.

Can't help to think that the ads we're running add a little fuel to this fire. Go watch them and make a donation.

Josh Marshall writes this up at Talking Points Memo, too. Go read it.

Update: And David Sirota has this, and Think Progress has this. Read them too.

Update 2: American Conservative Union has put out this statement. Are you talking to us? I don't know what planet this guy is on.