Steve and Cokie Roberts Add Their Two Cents

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Political commentators Steve and Cokie Roberts offer up these tidbits on DeLay, his ethical woes, and what should be done about them and DeLay:

"Thanks to his repeated refusal to play by the ethical rules, DeLay has stained the reputation of the institution he leads. And his fellow Republicans have compounded the damage by sabotaging the system for holding members accountable.

"This is a major scandal and a disgrace to the House of Representatives, an institution we dearly love. It's far worse than the scandal that drove Democratic Speaker Jim Wright out of office in 1989. And yet DeLay seems to be getting away with it, at least for now. But maybe not forever. Arrogance can be the most fatal of flaws...

"But by protecting their leader and ignoring his sins, House Republicans are damaging their integrity and diminishing their institution. The Hammer should be held accountable for his actions. As Gingrich warned, Republicans who look the other way are playing a dangerous game."

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