Rep. Blunt (R-MO) point person in defending DeLay

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This just in (Bloomberg).

GOP members emerged from a meeting regarding DeLay's future and Rep. Roy Blunt of Missouri, the number three Republican in the House led the defensive press conference:

House Majority Whip Roy Blunt said questions about Majority Leader Tom DeLay's foreign travels and links to a lobbyist were politically motivated and had not weakened his support among Republican lawmakers.

Blunt, flanked by other Republican leaders at a news conference, said that support for DeLay -- one of the party's top strategists and fundraisers -- is growing because House Republicans view the recent reports suggesting ethics infractions to be partisan attacks.

"I don't sense any waning in support for the leader," said Blunt, the No. 3 House Republican. He said many lawmakers believe DeLay is "taking a lot of arrows for all of us."