Defend Shays

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The Republican attack machine is going after one of its own, Rep. Chris Shays of Connecticut, just because he spoke his mind and courageously called for Tom DeLay to step down.

Yesterday, we urged our members to call Chris Shays' office to offer him praise and thanks for his position. But we weren't alone -- others generated calls to Shays office, so that the report from Shays' spokesperson last night was that the calls were running 60% against him for saying DeLay should go from calls outside his district.

Update: The calls from within Shays' district are running two-to-one FOR Shays' position.

Redouble your efforts folks. We cannot let DeLay's allies intimidate members of Congress who want to stand up for what is right.

Call Chris Shays at 202-225-5541 and tell him we have his back.

If you need extra motivation, this is what one of Shays' colleagues said about him:

"I think that Chris Shays again has demonstrated he's totally out of touch with what the mainstream of the Republican members of Congress are feeling and that he is disloyal to the party and to people as individuals," [Rep. Dana] Rohrabacher [of California] said, adding that the attacks are nonsensical "except you've got jerks like Chris Shays who get notoriety by being disloyal to their fellow Republicans."