Questions coming from the GOP rank-and-file

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Republicans held ranks one day after a few lawmakers expressed concern at a closed-door meeting over the party's handling of the ethics issue.

Several officials said Rep. Dan Lungren of California cautioned fellow Republicans about using power arrogantly, invoking the example of former House Speaker Jim Wright and the Democratic majority he once led. Wright was brought down in an ethics scandal in 1989.

These officials said Lungren did not mention DeLay in his remarks.

Officials said Rep. Joel Hefley of Colorado, former head of the ethics panel, told fellow Republicans at the same session that the issue should properly be handled in a bipartisan way.

Rep. Zack Wamp of Tennessee urged fellow lawmakers not to dig in their heels on the issue but to be prepared to "pivot and pray," these officials said.

So, the watch list grows. Reps. Jim Leach of Iowa and Joel Hefley of Colorado voted with the Democrats on revamping the rules. Reps. Dan Lungren of California and Zach Wamp of Tennessee speak out in closed door meetings. Who will join the Shays' Rebellion?