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We released the following statement today...


Washington—The watchdog group Public Campaign Action Fund released the following statement from its National Campaigns Director, David Donnelly, regarding today’s ruling against Tom DeLay’s Texans for a Republican Majority PAC (TRMPAC):

“In a court of law DeLay’s TRMPAC was found to have concealed from the public record more than half a million dollars in corporate campaign donations, in violation of state law.

“This decision, with an impartial judge and all the evidence laid out, further underscores the need for the House Ethics Committee to appoint an outside counsel. The public will not trust Tom DeLay’s cronies in Congress to do what Judge Hart did today; specifically, he ruled on the facts, not the politics, of the case.

“Americans from across the nation need to ask themselves yet again whether they want a Congress led by a man with countless ethical violations, scandals, donors to repay, and, now, a guilty verdict against his own political committee.

“Most importantly, this finding of guilt should give all of Tom DeLay’s Republican colleagues in Congress pause in considering the political future of their chosen Majority Leader.”

Public Campaign Action Fund is a national nonprofit watchdog organization dedicated to working to advance comprehensive reform of the campaign finance system to level the playing field for all Americans, and to holding elected officials accountable for the favors they do for their political contributors.