Oppose the "Make Congress More Corrupt" Bill

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Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH) is at it again. Yesterday, he passed out of the Committee on House Administration, which he chairs, HR-1316 - the "Make Congress More Corrupt" Bill.

The Republican-led Congress is trying to do away with the limit on the total amount of contributions to federal candidates so that wealthy donors can donate up to a million dollars in support of their preferred candidate. That's outrageous. It'll make Congress more corrupt and less accountable to us.

The "Make Congress More Corrupt" bill would give the wealthy and well-connected the ability to elect who they wanted. Politicians would spend their time collecting large checks from a small handful of donors, and no time talking to you.

If you think Congress doesn't listen to you now, think about what would happen if Republicans succeeded with their proposal to allow virtually unlimited donations.

Click here to e-mail your representative and demand that s/he oppose HR-1316 -- the "Make Congress More Corrupt" Bill.

[5:10 p.m. Update: Since 12:00 noon, more than 4,000 people have already e-mailed their Congressperson. Keep it coming! -- David]