Q. Why is this man smiling?

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(from CNN.com)

A. So he'll look too good on T-Shirts.

That's got to be the best, or happiest, I've ever seen DeLay. Wow.

Update: Jury is out on whether we'll do T-Shirts. Probably not with that photo. We're not looking to start a Tom DeLay fan club, you know.

But something smells fishy to me. Is this the only mugshot? Did he turn himself into the Harris County Sheriff's office, or to Ft. Bend? Is there a profile shot of him too, or some identifying information cropped out of the photo?

The DeLay handlers must be pretty happy with this image, but let's review what this means:

1) It's a mug shot because he's been indicted for criminal conspiracy and money laundering, not a photo shoot at the local Sears portrait studio, and

2) With decision to do the booking today instead of at the same time as his appearance in court tomorrow, he's just made a one-day story a two-day story. Ooops.