The ad DeLay's replacement doesn't want you to see

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On Friday we launched a powerful new ad in Majority Leader Roy Blunt's Southwest Missouri district. The ad describes the similarities in the type of behavior that landed DeLay in court in Texas that day and the type of behavior DeLay and Blunt exhibited back in 2002 when Blunt used money from DeLay's PAC to support Blunt's son, Matt, who was running for statewide office. In short, using a variety of money transfers, DeLay and Blunt did indirectly what they could not do directly.

Watch the ad...

Blunt doesn't want this story told. His lawyers sent a letter (subscription req'd.) to the eight TV stations in his district demanding that they pull the ad. Four stations, KNSF, KODE, KOLR and KSFX, have stood up to the bullying and deserve praise. Four, KYTV, KSPR, KFJX and KOAM, have caved and are complicit in covering up Blunt's dirty laundry.

Roll Call reported this nugget from Blunt's legal defense:

"The ad in question falsely and maliciously accuses Congressman Roy Blunt of a felony," wrote Blunt’s lawyers, Stefan Passantino and J. Randolph Evans of the Washington, D.C., firm McKenna Long & Aldridge.

In refuting the ad’s allegations, Blunt’s lawyers employed an argument similar to that used by DeLay’s lawyers against the money-laundering charges he faces in Texas.

Just as DeLay’s lawyers argue that the lawmaker had no day-to-day control of the PAC he founded, Texans for a Republican Majority, Blunt’s defense contends that he serves only as "honorary chair" and has "no legal control over" the ROYB Fund or any money transfers the group made.