"Everyone should see these actions for what they are"

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Statement by David Donnelly, National Campaigns Director of Public Campaign Action Fund, in response to claims made by DeLay's attorneys in court today:

“Tom DeLay and his lawyers are acting desperate. Today, they filed, in court of law, a copy of a page from Public Campaign Action Fund’s website as some type of supporting documentation in their efforts to remove Judge Bob Perkins from DeLay’s trial. The page is a pre-order form for t-shirts with DeLay’s mug shot photograph from when he was booked for criminal conspiracy and felony money laundering.

“Public Campaign Action Fund collected no money from the pre-orders of t-shirts. For the time being, we have decided not to produce products – no clothing, mugs, pens, magnets, mouse pads, bobble-heads, or key chains – with the indicted former Majority Leader Tom DeLay’s smiling mug. Why this man is smiling when being booked for two felonies is still a source of mystery to us.

“Let’s set the record straight. We haven’t sold one t-shirt. We don’t anticipate selling any. DeLay’s lawyers are trying to divert the attention away from the seriousness of this crime for which DeLay is standing trial to a harmless, humorous t-shirt. Given how hard DeLay is smiling in his picture, you would think he had a sense of humor. They should be ashamed. Everyone should see these actions for what they are.”