"Everyone should see these actions for what they are"

Statement by David Donnelly, National Campaigns Director of Public Campaign Action Fund, in response to claims made by DeLay's attorneys in court today:

“Tom DeLay and his lawyers are acting desperate. Today, they filed, in court of law, a copy of a page from Public Campaign Action Fund’s website as some type of supporting documentation in their efforts to remove Judge Bob Perkins from DeLay’s trial. The page is a pre-order form for t-shirts with DeLay’s mug shot photograph from when he was booked for criminal conspiracy and felony money laundering.

“Public Campaign Action Fund collected no money from the pre-orders of t-shirts. For the time being, we have decided not to produce products – no clothing, mugs, pens, magnets, mouse pads, bobble-heads, or key chains – with the indicted former Majority Leader Tom DeLay’s smiling mug. Why this man is smiling when being booked for two felonies is still a source of mystery to us.

“Let’s set the record straight. We haven’t sold one t-shirt. We don’t anticipate selling any. DeLay’s lawyers are trying to divert the attention away from the seriousness of this crime for which DeLay is standing trial to a harmless, humorous t-shirt. Given how hard DeLay is smiling in his picture, you would think he had a sense of humor. They should be ashamed. Everyone should see these actions for what they are.”