Prez Bush Hanging With His Friends

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President George W. Bush took an interview on Fox news as an opportunity to defend his great friend, Tom DeLay, reports the Los Angeles Times:

I hope that he will [return] because I like him. And plus, when he's over there, we got our votes through the House.

The prez didn't stop there. He went on to stick up his whole gang: Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, and Donald H. Rumsfeld. On Cheney, since the indictment of his top aide Lewis "Scooter" Libby as part of the Valerie Plame affair:

The truth of the matter is that our relationship hasn't changed hardly at all. I'd say the relationship — it's only gotten better. We didn't know each other that well when we first came to Washington, D.C., and my respect for him has grown immensely.

On Rove:

[We are] as close as we've ever been. We've been through a lot. You know, when we look back at the presidency and my time in politics, no question that Karl had a lot to do with me getting here, and I value his friendship. We're very close.

And on Rumsfeld:

He's done a heck of a job.