Tom DeLay: "Conviction politician"

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Rich Lowry, editor of the National Review, makes an amusing Freudian slip in his column today on the Abramoff scandal. He writes:

There are two deeply rooted sources of corruption in Washington. One is that many members of Congress believe that they would be making much more than their $160,000-a-year salaries if they were in some other line of work. This sense is compounded when they watch their former 30-year-old aides go to work on K Street for $300,000 a year. This is how someone like Tom DeLay — otherwise a conviction politician — justifies playing the best golf courses in the world on someone else's dime and getting special interests to funnel easy money to his wife. [Emphasis added.]

I know Lowry is using the Right's vernacular for someone who is supposedly motivated by conviction. But given DeLay's self-induced legal problems, it's fun to think that soon he actually will be a politician of conviction. Possibly several convictions, in fact! [Thanks, Matt!]