Naked Pix of Abramoff and Bush Found :)

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New photos showing President George W. Bush and disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff "totally naked" surfaced today according to the satirist Andy Borowitz.

The photos, published yesterday in Payboy, a magazine devoted to naked pictures of disgraced lobbyists, appeared to fly in the face of the President’s claims that he had never met Mr. Abramoff.

The five photos, which appear to have been taken on five different occasions, show the two naked men smiling and shaking hands.

“The fact that they are smiling and shaking hands proves that they know each other,” said Davis Logsdon, the magazine’s photo editor. ...

“These naked pictures of the president and Jack Abramoff are nothing out of the ordinary,” Mr. McClellan says. “In the course of his daily schedule, the President oses nude with dozens of dignitaries.”

Mr. McClellan said that the American people “would have no problem believing” that Mr. Bush posed naked with Mr. Abramoff on five different occasions without actually knowing who he was.

Which leads us to ask...does Mr. McClellan mean "know" in a biblical sense?

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Of course, we only read "Payboy" for the articles.

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