New Report: America For Sale

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Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY) just released a new report called America For Sale: The Cost of Republican Corruption (pdf). It's 118 pages of meticulously researched examples of how money in politics corruption costs you every day of the week in higher gas prices, higher prescription drug prices, higher interest rates on student loans, and so on.

The length makes it a weighty report to read (I would have broken it down into volumes, myself), but it pulls no punches.

There is a cost to the corruption DeLay and Co. have perpetrated upon us. It impacts our wallets, our economic health, our environment and public health, our security, and, importantly, our trust in all of our public servants, be they Democrats, Republicans, or have some other affiliation. The GOP Congressional leadership and the White House ought to be held accountable for all the examples outlined in Rep. Slaughter's report and for lowering our collective expectations of political leaders. They have damaged public trust in Congress as an institution and they ought to pay a price.

Our work over the next nine months will be to educate voters about who is at fault.

The legacy of the cost of corruption is real and it can be measured in dollars, lives, and dashed dreams.