Breaking: Wade bribed two more members

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Update I: Okay, the headline here is not exactly right -- it was written after I first heard the news but before I read the entire plea agreement. New Headline: Wade Made Illegal Contributions to Two Members.

Mitchell Wade of MZM -- the guy who bribed Duke Cunningham -- apparently made illegal campaign donations to two other members of Congress. More soon.


Update II: CNN has the AP story. Key paragraph:

Wade, former president of defense contractor MZM Inc. in Washington, also acknowledged making nearly $80,000 in illegal campaign contributions in the names of MZM employees and their spouses to two other members of Congress, who were not identified. The lawmakers apparently were unaware the donations were illegal, according to court papers.

And San Diego Union-Tribune (their reporting has been amazing on this story) has more:

In a summary of the prosecution's case, Assistant U.S. Attorney Howard R. Sklamberg disclosed that Wade made about $80,000 in illegal campaign contributions in 2004 and 2006 to two members of Congress he did not name. The lawmakers were targeted because they had the potential to steer federal contracts to MZM.

Color me naive. How do you not know when this many fraudulent contributions come in? We're not talking about a donation here or there. Who are these members? Katherine Harris? Virgil Goode? John Doolittle? Others?

But the real question is, what did these members promise in return for the contributions?