North Carolina Political Donation Scandal

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There's a scandal bubbling in the Tar Heel state involving political contributions and video poker!

Witnesses testified yesterday that they gave North Carolina Speaker of the House Jim Black political contributions because of his support for video poker and the state lottery. Here are some of his donors who support Black because of his position (as reported by the AP):

“One of the witnesses, Barbara Gathings of Hamlet, testified she had a fixed monthly income of $1,100 and spent $20 to $25 a month playing video poker. She said she gave Black's campaign $1,000 to help ensure the industry remained legal, taking $800 from her savings and borrowing an additional $200 from her son.”


"Earlier Tuesday, a used-car salesman denied that he contributed to Black, despite a $1,000 money order bearing his name that ended up in the campaign's account."

It’s illegal in North Carolina to give campaign contributions using someone else’s name or someone else's money (which is what some people think is going on). In Black’s defense, investigators have not been able to connect his campaign to illegal contributions.

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