Sen. Feingold on the Daily Show

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Last night Sen. Russ Feingold made an appearance on Comedy Central's the Daily Show with John Stewart. Towards the end of the interview Stewart asked Feingold about the campaign finance reform law he and Sen. McCain advocated for. Sen. Feingold said it's doing what intended but we need full public financing for all campaigns. Click here to watch the interview (1.5 MB Real Media file).


Here is the transcript:


The Daily Show with John Stewart, March 22, 2006


JOHN STEWART:  Thank you for joining us.


JOHN STEWART: One more thing before we go.  You also have your name attached to the McCain-Feingold which was the campaign finance bill. The idea being that they were going to keep money out of politics. Uh, How’s that going?

SEN. RUSS FEINGOLD: We got rid of the unlimited contributions raised by politicians but now we have to deal with more reform. I think we ought to have public financing of all campaigns in this country. It’s time for that.

JOHN STEWART: Done. Here’s my idea. You write this down. Money no longer equals free speech. We take it back to the court. We get the court to say that money doesn’t equal free speech. Cause I’ll guarantee you this, if you are in a debate and one side is arguing reasonably and the other side is handing out $10,000 a person that debate team will typically win.


JOHN STEWART: Senator, thank you so much for joining us.

SEN. RUSS FEINGOLD: Thank you very much.